• More than 20,000 products.
  • 100% original products.
  • Receiving and tracking the shipment of goods.
  • Calculation of the best logistic path.
  • Full registration of export documents.
  • Delivery time by container is from 5 to 8 weeks.
Washcloths, toothbrushes, bath salts, toothpastes, soaps
For Bath, for toilet, for kitchen, blockage remover
Bleaches, stain removers, powders, conditioners

Contract signing
Signing the contract, making a deposit.
(The amount of the deposit depends on the number of purchased items. )
Searching and purchasing Household products
We search for products throughout Japan.
Consolidation of goods in our warehouses in Japan.
Formation of containers
We transport products to containers.
Photo report of the container for the customer.
Delivery of the container to the port of departure and customs clearance in Japan
Acceptance and tracking of shipment of goods.
Calculation of the best logistic route.
Full registration of export documents.
Sending a container to the customer's country
Sending the goods to the destination.
(Delivery time by container is approximately from 5 to 8 weeks.)
Japanese household chemicals to order - one of the activities of Eurasiantrade. Co.,Ltd. These products will suit those who are accustomed to carefully study the composition of cleaning products and seek to choose for their home hypoallergenic and safe products for the whole family. The products are suitable for cleaning homes with small children and animals.

Everyone who prefers quality household chemicals, we are pleased to offer:
  • laundry products;
  • cleaning products;
  • products for personal hygiene;
  • air fresheners.

Features of Japanese household chemicals

Japan is a country of technological achievements and developments. On sale on the shelves of local stores rarely find goods containing artificial flavors and dyes, because most buyers care about their health, choosing the right balance between quality and price of the product. Most of the products have natural components in biodegradable packaging. Japanese household chemicals are characterized by safety, environmental friendliness and high quality. The absence of toxic effects, aggressive particles in the composition allows the use of means for both adults and children.

Cleanliness and order with the help of Japanese products guarantees cleanliness and disinfection of the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and other rooms. Air fresheners gently neutralize foreign and unpleasant odors without irritating the respiratory tract. Toothpastes and brushes help maintain oral hygiene, and natural ingredients strengthen enamel, eliminate harmful bacteria and food residues, actively participate in the prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.

Many housewives prefer to buy household chemicals from Japan or Korea because of its cost-effectiveness. A small amount of laundry detergent, taking into account the degree of pollution is enough to wash clothes or linens, give them freshness and a pleasant fragrance without perfumes.

Household chemicals from Japan in bulk from a reliable supplier

Household chemicals from Japan in bulk allows you to meet the demands of buyers, offering them a choice of first-class products. The cost of goods, high consumer ratings and composition give the products a high competitive advantage over European products.

Our company is happy to cooperate with wholesale customers. We have vast experience in choosing the most optimal logistic way of delivery of goods and registration of accompanying documentation. Our company undertakes the entire process of packing and loading of the container, and the ability to track the exact location of the parcel guarantees the reliability of cooperation.

To find out more about delivery and product range, please call us at +8181 4390 7070 or order a callback on the website.
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