We are located in the city of Kobe, one of the main ports in Japan and the center of international trade. The company was founded in 2010. The second office is located in

During cooperation with our foreign partners, we have established ourselves as a company that you can trust. In the business world, we have a reputation as a reliable, trusted supplier. You can always get professional advice on any question of interest regarding the search for goods, customs clearance or transportation.
Customers turn to us when they want to buy reliable equipment at a good price, as well as save on maintenance during operation. They do not overpay for loading crew, do not lose money on downtime due to frequent breakdowns of equipment and save on spare parts and consumables.

  • Automotive Auctions
  • Motorcycle Auctions
  • Specialty Equipment Auctions
  • Jet Ski
  • Yahoo, Amazon, Rakuten
  • Direct partnerships with product suppliers and manufacturers
  • 15
    Exporting from Japan for over 15 years
  • 1000
    Shipped more than 1000 containers
  • 10 000
    More than 10000 parcels
  • 5000
    More than 5000 Forklifts
  • 3000
    More than 3000 Automobiles
  • 14
    Delivery takes from 14 days
  • 2
    2 brunches in Kazakhstan (Almaty,Astana)
Search for a product throughout Japan as well as the manufacturer.

Maintenance and complete work with the client.

Consolidation of goods in our warehouses in Japan.

Acceptance and tracking of shipment of goods.

Sending the goods to the destination.

Calculation of the best logistic route.

Full registration of export documents.

Shipping methods
  • Container shipping
    full volume, to recipients worldwide
  • Consolidation of shipments
    not full volume of orders, delivered to Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan (customers from CIS countries)
  • Postal shipping
    at rates set by Japan Post
  • Courier service
    DHL, FedEx, and other shipping services
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