The main area of ​​the company's development is the export of special equipment:

  • Excavators
  • Tractor
  • Cranes
  • Asphalt pavers
  • Bulldozers

Contract signing
Signing the contract, making a deposit.
(The amount of the deposit depends on the number of purchased items.)
Buying special equipment at auctions or direct purchases from applications
We search for goods throughout Japan, or a manufacturer or purchase at auctions.
Afterwards we check all special equipment at the place of purchase, send a photo and video report to the customer.

At the request of the customer, we can purchase additional parts and install them on special equipment.
Consolidation of goods in our warehouses in Japan.
Formation of containers
Loading and transportation of special equipment into containers:
-40 ft container
-20 ft container

Consolidation of goods in our warehouses in Japan.

Formation of containers. Photo report of the container for the customer
Payment of the remaining amount, according to the contract
Delivery of the container to the port of departure and customs clearance in Japan
Acceptance and tracking of shipment of goods.
Calculation of the best logistic route.
Full registration of export documents.
Sending a container to the customer's country
Sending the goods to the destination.
More about payment
After making a deposit, we carry out the purchase of goods.
For the convenience of the customer, payment can be fractional during the period of purchase of equipment.

If the amount of the deposit is large - the payment has to be done until the formation of the container is completed before it leaves Japan.
Eurasiantrade is an expert in importing specialised machinery. Since 2010 we have been selecting, processing and organising the delivery of automotive equipment. Sale of Japanese special equipment is one of the main directions of our daily activity.

Japanese-made special equipment has long established itself as productive and affordable. This type of equipment is in demand among organisations of construction, industrial and production areas. New or used special equipment solves the tasks in different climatic zones of the Eurasian continent. It has excellent technical characteristics, is easy to maintain and repairable. Low risks of special equipment breakdowns reduce the downtime of the enterprise, save resources and allow to perform work promptly. The simplicity of design solutions helps to replace consumables and spare parts without unnecessary waste of time and money.

New or used special equipment from Japan: what to choose?

The question of purchasing new or used equipment is decided by each company manager on an individual basis. Prices of used models help to replenish the fleet with powerful equipment. At the customer's request, the expert selects special equipment ready to perform the tasks from the first day of purchase.

The automotive market is filled with models of Chinese, Korean, Japanese manufacturers. For consumers, it is an opportunity to select machines taking into account future tasks. Organisations whose fleets are equipped with models of asphalt machinery, mini excavators, tractors and trucks are ready to offer customers numerous services. With the help of Eurasiantrade it is easy to import specialised equipment from Japan from auctions or directly from manufacturers.

Advantages of co-operation with Eurasiantrade

Our company is the largest marketplace for the sale of special equipment from Japan.

Our advantages:
  • prompt search for a new or used model;
  • support and customs clearance of the order;
  • choice of a preferred method of payment;
  • delivery of cargo to the destination point taking into account competent logistics;
  • warranty service.
If you want to buy used equipment, but are looking for a reliable supplier, contact Eurasiantrade. We work with each client, selecting models with the necessary functionality. Our experts in the field of international trade are ready to answer questions about the peculiarities of buying used equipment by phone: +818043907070. Use the feedback form and we will call you ourselves to provide the necessary advice.
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